Who is Michelle

Where I live

I finally got out of Panama (the country) & am now living in Las Vegas, Nevada for a few months.

I left Canada because I had enough of Canada. I'd begun to realize it's not a country that cares for its citizens (unless they have money), I found the people (not all) cold in personality, & Canada is lacking when it comes to business (customer service & especially the Internet). It's WAY too expensive, in my opinion.

I tried to live in the Windsor area which is cheaper, but the extreme pollution & polluted smelly water was killing me. And of course it's freezing cold the majority of the time.

While Canada has its good points, but they don't outweigh the negatives, so I decided nothing was keeping me here, just move already & I took the plung.

I am still open to relocating for the right person/people, but it wouid have to be a warm climate with proper Internet structure. I really just want to settle down & stay put while doing some traveling.

Who am I?

As you will soon read more, I'm a spiritually conscious (please don't confuse this with religion), biamorous, & a polyamorous woman. I will just give you my DOB since I don't have time to change this every year nor will I remember. My birthday is on November 20th, 1965.

I'm constantly told I look & sound younger than my years, but you have to be the judge of course.

What I look like physically

I am 4'10 1/2" in height & no, I don't care how tall you are because everyone is usually taller than myself & no, I have no issues regarding my height other than I can't stand having to alter clothes all the time, but I have gotten used to it by now. 

I have long dark brown curly hair with red highlights & a few natural gray natural ones that keep sprouting all over the place. How lucky I am.  LOL! I have dark brown eyes & weigh approximately 150 lbs., which is not my normal weight, but is the weight I'm at right now & I accept it because of my health issues. It's amazing to me how ignorant most people are when it comes to weight & I have to admit I was one of those judgemental stupid people a while ago. I thought a person was ONLY overweight because they ate to much or ate the wrong food.

Considering I don't eat junk food at all, I'm a testimant that this issue has nothing to do with food. I'm now actually looking into parasites as being the reason.

Stress is something I am working on off & on. It's the root cause of illnesses, that is a FACT. 

I look ethnic... Spanish, Italian or Iranian, but am none of these nationalities.

My views on Pics

For me physical attraction & chemistry is key to me being intimate with someone. On the other hand, you could be the most gorgeous person around physically, & if we don't click on most of the other levels, I couldn't even force myself to be intimate with you because I know I would be going against my grain. When it comes to pics, a lot of people look either better or worse in person then what their pics reflect. For me, pics are just a quick "yes, there's an attraction physically" or "no, there is not" and your pic in no way assures me that I will still be attracted to you once we meet. That's why I feel pics are largely abused online, or people are just ignorant about these things. Remember, I've been online dating for years, I know the ins & outs & should have written a book on it already.

While that physical attraction is necessary, I'm seeking people who look for way more than that.

Now please continue on to more on who I am & what kind of a person I seek...


The best way to change your belief system is to change the truth about you. What you actually *do* is more important than what you say you'll do.

— Steve Chandler, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

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