Hi everyone & welcome to my polyamorous web site.

Most people who come to this site are looking for information on the polyamorous lifestyle.

I highly recommend one of these Books on Polyamory to see if you are ready to forge ahead in building your poly lovestyle, or just so you can better understand the poly lovestyle in general.

I started off with this book:

I also highly highly recommend this book on how to build spirit centered relationships. While I read it years ago during a breakup, it made me realize even more how finding a partner who truly cares about him/herself & any relationship they have, is key to a healthy postive growing relationship.

If they think it's all "magic" & no effort is required, they aren't the partner for me.

Somoene recently told me I sound stuckup on this site & I'm sorry if I come across that way.

Yes I know what I want & yes I've been around the block many times over, but I don't feel I'm stuck up. I can be serious, yet fun, deep yet laugh, mature, yet child like. I'm very diverse in that way. I'm not one thing or another.

For all of the people not familiar with the net, when you see a word or sentence that is underlined, please wave your mouse over it to see if it is a link you can access. Generally it is a different colour than the rest of the sentence.

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The links on the left are various different sites for polyamorous groups, business opportunities, biamorous information, health and beauty, dating sites etc., and my full personal essay. If you are potentially interested in me as a friend or intimate partner, please read all of those pages. Below I will also detail major sections of my site, so please continue reading.

Please help contribute to this site by clicking on the banners & links that interest you. I do spend a lot of time & effort keeping the site interesting & up-to-date. :)

What is the polyamorous lovestyle all about you ask? I have several sites that explain.

  1. Books & Videos on polyamory, learning alternative methods for healing emotionally, getting rid of past issues, alternative methods for raising children & books on spirituality, so please help contribute to this site & click here to browse.
  2. My personal essay will explain what traits I look for in a platonic friend & a bit about who I am as a person, so you can see if I interest you. :)

    I consider myself to be a "true" polyamorous biamorous spiritually conscious woman in search of a spiritually conscious polyamorous single or committed biamorous or straight man, single or committed spiritually conscious biamorous woman or a spiritually conscious polyamorous couple (M/M, M/F or F/F).

    Even though I live near Windsor, Ontario (Canada) which is near Detroit, Michigan, I don't care where you are from really because I have no problem making phone friends.

    At first I only seek friends to start a platonic friendship with no expectations. I feel that having expectations means you are living in the future & I prefer to live in the present living each day as it comes.

    I know this is hard for most humans as they still have issues in regards to love & sexuality, but please respect how I feel.

    If you feel you have enough friends in your life already & you can't accept me as just a friend, then please don't respond to me.

    I find it insulting that people feel I'm not good enough to be their friend, but hey, I can be their sex partner.

    Saying that, my goal is to eventually have an intimate relationship with people (or even just one person), but compatibility & chemistry is very important to me. I won't just start a relationship with anyone. I'm not desperate.

    I know everyone has busy schedules & lately mine has gotten busier, but I will make every effort to maintain & continue a friendship with you if we are compatible as friends. I ask you to do the same.

    If you are just too busy (people say this all the time, but I know what that means, they are really lying & just don't feel I'm worth their time), then I don't see the point in you even contacting me, as I believe all relationships need to be consciously worked on.

    So, to close here, please read my complete personal essay in full if you seek either a platonic friendship or friendship that may lead to intimate relationship. :)

    If you think friendship means intimacy or sex, then we DON'T think the same way.

    I have shortened my personal essay quite a bit, so I know EVERYONE can get through it now with no excuses LOL

    If you don't have the time to read what I have to say in full, please bookmark my site & come back when you do have time.

    I always recommend people print off the pages so it's easier for you to read.

    I thank you in advance. :)

  3. Poly Love, the NEW up and coming poly dating site. If you wish to be notified when the NEW Poly Love Dating site is launched, please check out the notification form
  4. I run a few Online Groups such as Spiritual polyamorous groups, one for people worldwide & one for people just in Toronto & the surrounding areas, Bi People who Love, a group for people who believe women are human beings too & a group for alternative parents.

    We are here to discuss, learn, grow or even potentially find friends or partners.

    If you are interested, please read over the group's homepages to see if you would like to join.

    All members are pre-screened to eliminate trollers, spammers & people who don't resonate with the group's views.

    We would love to have you. 

  5. How to decide if you & your partner are right for the polyamorous lovestyle plus addressing jealousy in relationships. I have several links that talk about these issues.
  6. If you don't feel we are compatible, you can find other people who may be more suited on my dating sites page.


The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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