My Interests

  • I love to learn, explore & grow

  • I continue to study while learning about my responsibility to loving myself, as well as my responsibility to the entire universe & all that is living & even not living.

  • I love to read everything from spiritual books, alternative parenting books, business books, good mysteries, law mysteries etc.

  • I work on the net (netrepreneur) & love learning about it. Socially I am what is called a "nettie"

  • I love nature although I can't stand the cold as I mentioned.

  • Travel - I haven't traveled in ages, but it is a deep desire & goal of mine & of course you guessed it, I love to travel to warmer climates. Peru is a place I definitely MUST visit.

  • I love almost all types of animals & almost wanted to be a vet when I was younger.

  • Dancing is my passion.

  • Qi Gong (I already took Qi Gong Tai Chi for 3 months & loved it. I'm currently looking for a new place to start taking Qi Gong again.)

  • Music I listen to is almost everything but heavy metal, hard rock, alternative, hip hop, house, hard rap, opera & C&W. I love everything from the 50's on up. Usually pop or dance, & I have a HUGE New Age collection if you know what that is.

  • I love Amusement Parks!

  • I love to play good board games & cards which I feel really bonds people together. Anyone up for a game of rummy 500, rummy cube, backgammon, score four or boggle?

  • I love dining & I'm a foodie. For me it's the quality of food that matters (cleanliness too of course), not the overpriced restaurants that are usually not worth the money or the jumping through hoops to get friendly waiters, but I recenlty read a review on Gordan Ramsey's restaurants & supposedly you are treated like a king over there, so if I wanted to go before to see if his food really is that good, now I want to go even more LOL

    All & all, I'd rather go to a hole in a wall that is clean & has great homemade food that is delicious. I would never ever go to a restaurant just to be seen. SHALLOW!

    I do love trying different restaurants, especially ethnic ones, but won't eat very spicy or oily deep fried foods, unless it's like a one time thing when traveling. I also won't eat junk food or fast food, so I prefer people who know what healthy food is & is like me, wants to give their body only the best. I do like to cook when I have the time & I find it romantic to share cooking responsibilities with my partners.

    As I mentioned, I am a part time vegetarian & that doesn't mean you have to be, but for people who get scared at just the word "vegetarian", we probably won't get along. I can't tell you your fears are unfounded because they are your fears. What I do do is shake my head because a lot of people are ignorant when it comes to vegetarian food.

  • Watching good TV shows like quality dramas to news magazine shows.  I try to stay away from the news, although sometimes it can't be helped on the net. Watching all the negative things they plaster all over the news & in the newspapers is not healthy spiritually & I don't want to subject my mind & spirit to more negativity.

  • Movies. I'm not into horror & stupid humour at all !!! If you are only into action films, we are probably not suited for one another, as the more spiritually aware I become, the less violence stimulates me, but I still watch action, just not all the time.

    Almost everything else I enjoy. Have you seen What the Bleep?

  • Small business is my background, so I always have an interest in business no matter where I go. It's in my blood to always look at everything as an opportunity or something to learn from.

  • Shows of all kinds like the food show, the new age show, the computer show, the Caravan, the street festival & the list goes on.

  • Art galleries & theatre, especially musicals. That's my artsy side & I want to start going to art shops where we can make our own art. Anyone care to join me?

  • Working out - pilates I do on my own & I dance in my living room (what a workout). I would also love to start swimming again & go to an infrared (much better for you than a regular one) sauna.

  • Biking - I just started again after 14 yrs.

  • I don't mind going to a baseball or basketball game once in a while, but I won't go every week (unless they are winning LOL I know, shame on me.) & I won't sit in front of the TV & watch these games all the time. I'm not a sports junkie & wouldn't relate well to someone who is. Absolutely NO contact sports for me such as hockey, football, boxing or wrestling. I've always had an interest in martial arts from a self defense, inner connectiveness & workout point of view, but still haven't taken lessons. Perhaps one day I can realize my dream. 

  • Alternative health
  • Alternative food & lifestyle diets, organic etc.

  • Alternative relationships - Polyamory & believing in love.

  • Alternative sexuality which I call sensuality. The gift of joining ones spirit with another person's spirit during love making.  I just can't be with a person who doesn't know what I am referring to, or isn't sensual, rather then sexual.  I seek people who use the term "making love" & I was very happy to hear Wil Smith say that in his 60 minutes interview. Him & Jada have a great relationship. They are sort of poly as well.

  • Communication - I'm not saying society ever really did know how to communicate, but unfortunately the norm these days is to avoid opening up for fear of what the other person will think or do. A lot of people still play head games, try to figure out how to use & abuse others in some way, they lie, or they do what everyone else is doing because they are followers instead of thinking for themselves.

    I seek both friends & intimate partners who have above average communication skills where honesty, expressing one's feelings & not using others is the norm, instead of what mainstream society's norm is which is what I listed above. I'm always trying to improve my communication skills, are you?

    I have a great game you can play to improve your communication skills. Just e-mail me & I can send it to you so we can all help one another improve ourselves.  

  • Spirituality - Mainstream society's normal perception about faith & religion is usually the following... the person believes in one god & a religion that tells them what to do, how to act or when to act. This god determines when a person is good or bad etc. or, the other option is for people to have absolutely no faith at all. No faith in themselves, in others, there is no trust, no love & no commitment even towards friends, partners or family. They have become totally disillusioned with life & therefore themselves. I strongly believe spirituality is the answer to what ails society & individuals, but hey, that is just my opinion. :). Please read my spiritual page if you haven't already.

  • Other life forms, other planets & UFOs - The mainstream norm is "we are the only living species in this WHOLE big universe of ours & humans are the only worthy species." 

    Ooops, let's make that adults, because we know children aren't worth much to society right? or,

    let's not forget that only humans who make a lot of money & have a lot of power are the only worthy species on earth because what else is there to live for?


    No, I don't belong to any groups, although I have heard of SETI. 

    I never watch Star Trek because for me that is fake even though it might be a good projection of what is to come. I live in reality, not fantasy so if you have to watch Star Trek constantly, we probably aren't suited for one another. Can you also add the simpsons in there. While I love my inner child, I am a mature woman & in my opinion, anyone who watches those types of shows aren't at the level of maturity I need to feel comfortable. I've believed in UFOs since about the age of 10. I don't need to be convinced, nor am I overly concerned about this fact of life.

  • Past lives - While I have an interest in investigating my past lives, I know that living in the here & now is most important because my previous lives have no impact on who I am today.

  • And of course last but not least as I mentioned before, alternative parenting. Check out my alternative parenting group.

Now if you are a couple, please read the my couples page

or, if after reading all of this you feel we have a lot in common, please e-mail me the my keywords "I would like to start off as friends with no expectations" & tell me why you think we are compatible.

We will talk on the phone (I can call you first) to see if we resonate together.

Thanks a ton for reading my profile & I wish everyone all the best




Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.

— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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