Hi everyone,

I'd like to address the matter of socializing or dating on the net.

A lot of people become jaded, frustrated and really hurt when trying to find partners online. Others find their soul mates, & I applaud them with a standing ovation.

In the past when trying to find mates online I was unfortunately one of those ones who became angry & jaded.

I came across a ton of people who weren't serious and the majority, not all, are just looking for cheap casual sex with NSA (no strings attached). For people, like myself who are serious about friendships & relationships, this took a toll on me & finally after years of trying, I finally gave up.

Now I have no expectations from anyone online. I used to stick up for online dating saying that YES, there are tons of real people out there, & yes, many are real, just not people who resonate with what I have to say.

This is all fine, one can't force someone else's reality, so if someone does come along who resonates with me & is serious, I hope they will contact me. If they don't, everything happens for a reason

I put my site out there so you have a chance to read at your leisure.

Once a couple of e-mails have passed back & forth, I like to call the person & see how it goes on the phone.

I'm a talker, so please make sure you have enough free time, & if you don't, that's fine, just let me know when you do, otherwise I'd rather not call.

I don't meet anyone until I've talked to them on the phone first.

Then after 1 or a few phone calls, if we both feel it's cool to meet, let's do it.

If we are only to be phone friends, that's fine too, hopefully one day one of us will fly to the other.

To people outside of North America, I'm sorry, but I can't phone you. It's just not in my budget to call you for long periods of time.

So, if you can't phone me on the "real" phone (I don't like Skype or Voip), then it's just not meant to be.

Note: I don't believe in e-mailing or IMing out social conversations. While I do this all the time for business, I don't like it for social interactions. In fact many a conversation has gone arry because people who aren't educated in writing out e-mails with emotion can often either misunderstand what I'm saying, or vice versa.

I take everything a person says literally (why wouldn't I?). I can't tell if you are joking around, how can I do that unless you are a fabulous writer, & most people can't write worth shit LOL, I'm sorry to say.

I'm a netrepreneur, so typing out e-mails is 95% of what I do all day every day, but that's dry biz stuff for the most part, & even then I have to put emotion into it for my staff.

So the faster we get to the phone, the faster we can see if we really have something in common. :)

If you would like to continue reading, please click here for a bit about who I am as a person

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All the best to everyone in finding what you seek within & in the Universe. :)




Misfortune shows those who are not really friends.

— Aristotle

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