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Please feel free to join one or more of my online groups if you are suited for the type of group it caters to. We engage in intelligent conversation and network to find others of like mind.

We have a group for spiritual polyamorous people who live anywhere in the world looking for emotionally open relationships. A group for spiritual polyamorous or polyfidelity people who only live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a group for bi men and bi women (biamorous people) who can love either gender and is not just looking for sex or to experiment.
There is also a group for alternative parents that either raise their children in a way that is not conventional or live an alternative lifestyle themselves. We need to stick together on that one parents. And last but not least a group that brings the message to people of all genders and races that WOMEN ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO.

People say this, but they don't act it. Even females don't consider other females to be equal to males & I wish to change that negative mindset.

Networking to find suitable partners & friends is the wave of the future & wouldn't you just love to talk to someone who actually understands what your heart & spirit say?

Click to subscribe to PolysintheNewMillenium a group that gears towards polyamorous people who are spiritually conscious from all over the world. Singles, couples, groups all welcome, so long as you are spiritual (not a religious person).

Click here to join Sensuality_Sexuality_in_2006Click to join Sensuality_Sexuality_in_2006, a group that deals with the issues surrounding our sexually dysfunctional North American society. For example, people who are addicted to sex & can not commit; people who are repressed & aren't in touch with their sexuality; people like me, who are open sexually, believe strongly in sensuality, but refuses to resort to cheap unemotional sex. I want to be in a relationship with someone who is loving, isn't filled with fear, is open minded, adventurous & actually intelligent, & knows what sensuality & their sexuality is all about. But because I can't find someone like this, I remain celibate.

  • Why can't people be sensually open & loving & wish to learn & explore more, but don't feel the need to venture out into emotionally damaging sexually based practices in order to do so?
  • Why do people still peg women as sluts & yet it's okay for men to sleep around?
  • Why do people have to be crude, lewd & crash in order to be sexual?
  • Why is there still the Madonna Whore minset still around & yet this is the year 2006?
  • Where is our society going since it's the parents that set the example to the kids and it's just getting worse and worse.
  • It's clear to me that our sexually fear based society is getting worse & worse, not better & more free. Being disrespectful towards your sexuality & other's sexuality doesn't make you free, it just means you are disrespectful !
  • Is this one of the reasons partnerships break up at the drop of a hat?
  • Why is "Love" considered a 4 letter word?

Come on people, come in & tell me what you think & feel.

Click to subscribe to woman_are_human_beings_too. Enough already with women still being considered the underdog & of not the same value as men!

Click to subscribe to toronto_ontario_polys gearing towards spiritually conscious (not religious) polyamorous people in Toronto & the surrounding areas.

Click to subscribe to BiPeoplewhoLove. This is a group for either males or females who are biamorous, NOT bisexual. Please read our homepage for further information. Thank you

Click to subscribe to alternativeparentswhocare  This is a group for parents who raise their children in an alternative household or, raise their children alternatively.  Not in the conventional way.  There are more details on our homepage.

Click here to join TorontoInformationClick to join Toronto Information. I started this group so we can all ask questions about Toronto &, such as where to eat, where to get the best clothes, entertainment equipment, the best used car lot, the best parks, the best maternity clothes, the best kids clothes, & the list goes on. Get help from other Torontonians.

A group for Polyamorous people in New York

What better way than to ask someone else's opinion.


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

— Helen Keller

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