I have provided links from different sites to explain what the polyamorous lifestyle is all about.

I use the short form "Poly" to describe the polyamorous lifestyle, but some others may use the word poly when they are not poly, but rather swingers, so beware when someone tells you they are poly because they may not be what I consider to be a true poly.

My own poly vs. swinging site also has poly definitions for the words "triad", "biamorous", "open relationships", "polyamory", "polyfidelity" etc.

  • My Poly vs. Swinging - This is my own site explaining the HUGE differences I see between poly & swinging.
    Please refer to the true definition of polyamory pages to begin reading.
  • The best spiritual poly site I found & the one that got me started on the polyamorous lifestyle is Deborah's site.
  • This guy's site is clear, easy to read & explains the lovestyle very well.
  • This site has links coming out the ying yang LOL, but make sure to come back to me. :)
  • The Polyamory Society has links to communities dealing with poly.
  • My page about poly books has books (both non fiction & fiction) & videos of poly material.


It is difficult to produce a television documentary that is both incisive probing when every twelve minutes one is interrupted by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper

— Rod Serling

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